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What is Email Hosting?

Just about everyone knows about website hosting and how important it is for your website… but what about your business correspondence? 

There are many solutions out there ranging from free to paid services. Free services are best for private use, but for your business, it’s really important you get a more premium service.

This is why Black Cat Hosting provide email hosting with all web hosting packages. It is very easy to set up, and should you have any issues, we are more than happy to assist with the set up process.

So what are hosting services?
There are 3 most commonly used hosting services. These are:

  • Web Hosting The simplest way to describe web hosting is this service allows your website to be discoverable. Without web hosting, your website will result in an “cannot be found” error. Web hosting actually houses your website and is responsible for maintaining its connection to the internet.
  • Domain Hosting A domain identifies your website on the internet. Getting your website online can only happen if you have a domain name registered.
  • Email Hosting Email hosting is a separate service that allows you to set up custom email addresses to use to send and receive emails. The email addresses match your domain name (eg: yourname@yourdomain.com) and therefore give a more professional appearance.

Most website hosts will provide email hosting, however, when considering your hosting package, remember the storage included with your hosting package is used by both your website and any emails you choose to keep on your host’s server.

Benefits of Email Hosting
So, why choose email hosting over free email providers? There are several reasons to do this:

  1. Use your own domain – Email hosting provides you the ability to create emails that match your business and give a far more professional appearance. For example – giving your client an email address like yourname@yourdomain.com is more professional than yourbusiness@gmail.com
  2. Security – Email hosting can be more secure than free email services. While free providers such as gmail and yahoo offer secure services, these types of email addresses present a more attractive target to hackers.
  3. Control – Having email hosting gives you more control over the services you are getting. You will also have direct access to support staff should your have any issues or security concerns.

Email Hosting Options

When choosing your email host, there are many options for you to consider. These are the key things to ensure when choosing your hosting provider:

  • Online Archiving: Access to online email archives gives you a historical record of all your business communications. Some services offer 5 to 10 years of backups that you can access directly via a login portal.
  • Multiple mailboxes: If you have a growing business, you’ll need the ability to create mailboxes on the fly. Make sure that your email host gives you all the mailboxes you need to support your operations.
    People commonly use separate mailboxes to categorizing emails based on business functions—you can have an admin mailbox for website and service queries, a billing mailbox for payments and accounts, an info mailbox for general communications, and a bulk mailer address for advertising and campaigns.
  • Bundle deals: If you find a service provider that offers web, domain, and email hosting in one package, you can sometimes get better pricing than if you purchased each service separately.
  • Mailbox storage: Find out what your mailbox size limits are. A mailbox for a typical business needs to be able to store large files and huge quantities of mail, so make sure that your mailbox storage is appropriate for your needs.
  • Room to grow: You never know exactly how much email storage or how many mailboxes you’ll need with an online business. Having multiple email addresses can streamline your business operations and improve its image, but the email accounts will add up quickly. Large email attachments will fill up your allotted storage space faster than you may anticipate. It’s important to choose an email hosting provider that will be able to meet your needs as your business grows.

Find Email Hosting that Fits Your Business
Email hosting doesn’t need to be confusing. In fact, once you know the difference between the available types of online hosting services and understand common email hosting options, it’s very simple.

You can explore the market to learn about all the email hosting services that are available and select the one that’s a good match and meets your business requirements.

Whether you want to get all your online services bundled from a single provider or you have a favourite email hosting provider that’s separate from your web host, there’s a business email solution out there for you. Email hosting is usually very easy to sign up for, and you should never need to settle for a service that doesn’t offer the options and flexibility you need.

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