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Welcome to the Black Cat Hosting official blog! 

Welcome to the Black Cat Hosting official blog! 
Here at Black Cat Hosting, we have one major goal - to have happy customers who trust us enough to refer us to their family, friend, or colleague if or when the opportunity comes up. 

There are many ways businesses work to achieve customer happiness. How does Black Cat Hosting differ? With most businesses as they grow, customers often start feeling like "just a number". At Black Cat Hosting, our main goal is to NEVER allow our customer's to feel this way. Some of the ways we achieve this are: 

When we ask for your feedback - we listen to it! 
If you have recently been in touch with Black Cat Hosting via our website, after the closure of your ticket you may have noticed you were sent a follow up email asking you to rate the service given to you. 
We will soon be introducing customer satisfaction ratings to other areas of the business also, along with a testimonials area to our website.

Your feedback is important too us! We guarantee, if you respond to a request for feedback - we will never simply file and ignore it. This also includes requests for products - if we do not currently supply an item or software, and you would like us too - let us know and we will see if it's a product we have access too

Other options to provide us feedback include: Facebook and Google. We do monitor all methods of providing us feedback and implement changes when and where appropriate/applicable. 

We do not send "template" standard replies
Yes, we use templates - every business does! However, we have reduced the number of "template: emails to emails such as: 
- Customer Invoices
- Disc Quota Warnings
- New Order Confirmations
- New Product Summaries
- Affiliate Program Monthly Summaries

These emails have critial information in them that you will need to know. It is therefore vital we use a template so we can ensure all the required information is provided too you - otherwise you could find yourself with everything but your login ID or something silly! 

However, when you contact Black Cat Hosting for a enquiry, or support, you may get a template confirmation email such as: 'your ticket has been received" - but it is guaranteed you will not receive a "template" response when we action and respond to your speific enquiry.

Our customers have numerous methods through which to contact us
As consumers ourselves, we understand that when you have a queiry for a supplier it can be frustrating if you are unable to contact them via your preferred method of contact. We have therefore, introduced numerous new methods for our clients to contact us over the past few months. 

  1. Phone
    We have recently finalised the set up of our 1300 phone number. This number means no matter where you are in Australia, you can call us using a landline phone for the cost of a local call (mobile phone cost varies dependant on your phone plan).

    At this time, this phone number is only available during standard business hours (9AM - 5PM AEST), however, this does not mean we are not available if you require assistance outside these hours. It simply means you need to choose one of the alternative methods of contacting us outside these hours. 

    This phone number has been added too our website above the "Client Login" and "Shopping Cart" icons however, in case you missed it, it is: 1300 080 314

  2. Email
    If you are a customer, you will have been sent a email or two from us by now. If your enquiry is not something you need an answer too right a way - this is the best method of contacting us. We aim to respond to all emails within 12 hours or less. Of course, as with everything in life, there are times our response time might be outside this timeframe, however, the business goal is to make these instances few and far between. 

  3. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram 
    Like just about every business these days, we have several social media profiles for our clients to like, follow and comment on. Currently, these are: 
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Instagram

    We promise not to flood your newsfeed if you like/follow one or more of our pages 

  4. Support Ticket
    The next method of contacting us, is the good old fashioned Support Ticket. This is the best method of contacting us when you have a technical support enquiry.

    These types of enquiries often take us a little research and investigation before we can provide you a solution and/or resolve the issue for you, and we may require you to provide us screen shots. The support ticket system built into our website makes sending/receiving this information quick and easy for both the customer and the team at Black Cat Hosting. 

  5. Instant Message 
    Of course everyone knows each social media platform has their own "instant" or "private" message system for each of their users. So of course, you can easily message us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

    However, did you know we also recently added a live chat support feature to our website? To open a live chat with us while you continue browsing our site, simply click on the below icon to open up the chat console: 
    Chat Icon

Our Technical Support speaks your language
I don't know about you - but when I need technical support for something, and call/open live chat... it is extremely frustrating when you have to explain the problem over and over as the support team member is from another country and English is not their native language.

Black Cat Hosting is proud to be able to say our business is 100% Australian Owned, Operated, and has 100% Australian support staff.

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