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Is your website mobile friendly?

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention – mobile internet usage is now the main method for people to access the internet. So what does this mean for those of us who have websites? Your website must be mobile friendly. If your visitors don’t have a good experience when they come to your website – [...]

Welcome to the Black Cat Hosting official blog! 

Welcome to the Black Cat Hosting official blog!  Here at Black Cat Hosting, we have one major goal - to have happy customers who trust us enough to refer us to their family, friend, or colleague if or when the opportunity comes up.  There are many ways businesses work to achieve customer happiness. How [...]

What is Domain Privacy Protection & Do you need it?

One of the first options you’ll see when you register a new domain is domain privacy protection. But what is domain privacy protection and is it worth it? The cost of privacy protections is fairly low (and with some domains comes free), spending additional money when registering your domain is not something you [...]

What is Email Hosting?

Just about everyone knows about website hosting and how important it is for your website… but what about your business correspondence?  There are many solutions out there ranging from free to paid services. Free services are best for private use, but for your business, it’s really important you get a more [...]

What is the difference between a URL & a Domain?

You may find sometimes someone asks you for your website URL (uniform Resource Locator) , and sometimes it's Domain Name . Despite these terms being used interchangeably, they are extremely different.  The major difference is: URL: a string which provides the information location or complete [...]